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Treatment List Sydney

If you are a new client to Aspire Training Clinics Melbourne, please book in for a dermal therapy consultation with our Dermal Therapists/Trainers

Please note that if you book a treatment with our Students, consultation is already included with the appointment. Consults with students are supervised by our Trainers.


Treatment Price
Complimentary Dermal Therapy Consultation
allow 30 minutes
Extended Dermal Therapy Consultation
includes skin cleanse, analysis & product application
allow 60 minutes
IPL Consultation & Test Patch for Hair Reduction or Photo Rejuvenation
allow 30 mins
Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation
Your tattoo(s) will be assessed and you will be provided a treatment plan and costs. Tattoo removal costs start from $50
allow 30 mins

Dermal Therapies

TreatmentTrainer PriceStudent Price
HydraFacial + LED$179N/A
Deluxe HydraFacial$209N/A
Skin Needling (Face)$249$99
Skin Needling (Face & Neck)$324$129
UltraSonophoresis (Infusion Facial)$59N/A
Ultraceuticals Brightening Accelerator Mask$125N/A
LED Facial$50N/A
LED add on$35$35

ReSurFx Fractionated Laser

Treatment AreaTrainer PriceStudent Price
Full Face$249$159
Face & Neck$324$209
Neck or Decolletage$149N/A
Neck & Decolletage$269$198
Hands add on$49N/A

Chemical Peels

Treatment AreaTrainer PriceStudent Price
AHA Peel$59$29
Jessner or TCA Peel$149$59
Carbon Laser Peel$269$149
Ultraceuticals Lactic or Mandelic Peel$79N/A
Ultraceuticals Azyme Peel (Vitamin A)$165N/A

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Treatment AreaTrainer PriceStudent Price
Full Face$199$99
Half Face$99$59
Neck or Decolletage$99$59
Neck & Decolletage$199$99
Full Arms (inc hands)$159$89
Half Arms$119$69
Please note a test patch is required prior to IPL treatment

IPL Hair Reduction

Treatment AreaTrainer PriceStudent Price
Underarms or Bikini$49$19
Underarms & Bikini$89$29
Underarms & Brazilian$106$39
Lip & Chin$49$19
Half Legs (Ankle to Knee)$199$50
Half Legs (Thighs)$20960
Please note a test patch is required prior to IPL treatment

Q Switch Laser Photo Rejuvenation

Treatment AreasTrainer Price
Full Face$249
Full Face & Neck$324
Half Face$149
Neck or Decolletage$149
Neck & Decolletage$269
Spot Treatmentfrom $50

Cosmetic Injectables

TreatmentTrainer PriceStudent Price
Wrinkle Relaxersfrom $12.50/unit$7/unit
Dermal Fillersfrom $500/mlLips from $250/ml
Cheeks from $300/ml
Fat Dissolving InjectionsPOAN/A


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