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Experience our Cosmetic Nurse Training Clinic! With a 2:1 Student-to-Assessor ratio, all treatments are directly supervised by experienced clinical educators who are Doctors and Registered Nurses ensuring a safe environment for every procedure.

The students undertaking this course are Registered Nurses and are educated by the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science, AACDS. AACDS are industry leaders in the latest in dermal therapy and cosmetic nurse education.


A thorough consultation is conducted at every appointment for every patient to address their goals and concerns. If suitable after consultation, a treatment can be performed under the direct supervision of the assessing Doctor and Registered Nurse.


We can provide consultations for treatments to restore volume, contour and minimise wrinkles for your facial features. 

Lip enhancement treatments can add height, volume, hydration, balance and symmetry to your lips and other facial features. Cheek enhancement treatments can add definition, volume, contour and lift to your cheeks. 

These treatments can enhance your facial features, creating a more youthful appearance with results lasting up to two years.

This treatment will be performed by a Doctor or Registered Nurse


  • Consultation to address the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
    Common areas of concern are the frown lines, forehead and crow’s feet

  • Consultation for Lip Enhancement Treatments
    Lip enhancements can add height, volume, hydration, balance and symmetry to your lips.

  • Consultation for Cheek Enhancement Treatments
    Cheek enhancements can add definition, contouring, volume and lift to your cheeks.

Our treatments are at training and education prices. Please contact us to book a consultation to learn more about treatments and pricing.



Aspire Training Clinics is committed to being compliant with Ahpra (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and TGA (Therapeutic Guidelines Australia) regulations. As a leading training and education Registered Training Organisation we pride ourselves on patient safety and best practice adhering to the latest clinical guidelines. We will always conduct a thorough consultation to determine if a treatment is right for you and gain financial consent before any treatment is performed. Due to these regulations we are not able to display pricing for certain treatments on our website, social media or booking links. Please contact us to book a consultation and to learn more about treatments and pricing.


We conduct a thorough consultation to create a tailored treatment plan to suit your goals and concerns.

Every treatment conducted in our training environment is directly supervised by Clinical Educators who are Doctors and Registered Nurses. This includes the consultation process, treatment and aftercare information.

Our Cosmetic Doctors and Nurses will provide you with aftercare guidelines. It is advisable to avoid intense exercise up to 24 hours after treatment. There may be some slight swelling and redness during the healing process.


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Quality cosmetic treatments at a fraction of the price
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Full supervision provided with every treatment (2:1 Student:Trainer ratio)
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Students include qualified nurses, doctors and beauty therapists from AACDS

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