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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure


To establish a clear process and effective approach to handling complaints, ensuring fairness, and enabling staff to
resolve issues promptly.


Aspire Training Clinics are located in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as per the website –

Complaints can be made by a person who has directly been affected by an omission or action arising from an

interaction with this clinic.

Client or Patient refers to any entity or individual with whom we conduct or attempt to conduct business.

Staff refers to any individual either employed directly or contracted to provide services to patients at Aspire Training Clinics. 


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for implementation of this policy and procedure and ensuring all staff are fully trained in its operation and it is made available to internal and external parties.


We aim to ensure that patients know how to complain and that they feel confident their complaint will be dealt with seriously and will be investigated appropriately.

All feedback is welcome, including complaints, and used as an opportunity to improve our services and procedures as we strive to provide patients with the highest quality of care and satisfaction.

Aspire is committed to providing an effective, efficient, timely, fair, and confidential complaint handling process, whether formal or informal, that is easily accessible.

Aspire is committed to identifying potential causes of complaints and takes appropriate corrective actions to eliminate or mitigate the likeliness of occurrence.

Complaints will be considered and resolved in a manner that ensures Aspire continues to deliver the best healthcare and equity for all involved without discrimination or victimisation.


Making a Complaint
All patients are encouraged to attempt to resolve arising issues with people directly involved in the first instance. Often, differences of opinion need only to be voiced and acknowledged to be resolved.

Complaints can be made by telephone, email or in person either verbally or in writing.

Verbal complaints, where possible, should be made directly to the CEO. Where this is not possible details will be forwarded to the CEO by staff and the complainant will be encouraged to provide details in writing.

Written complaints should be sent to

In all instances, complaints received will be transcribed into the appropriate register / record and confirmed with the complainant.

Patients are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible about their complaint, including the date and time of the incident(s) and the names of any staff members involved. Complainant contact details must also be provided.

For ease of making a complaint a form has been provided at Appendix 1.

Resolving a complaint

Working with the CEO:
   • Complaints of a non-medical nature will be handled by the clinic manager.
   • Complaints relating to cosmetic medical treatments will be discussed with the supervising doctor.

The following steps will be undertaken in call cases:
   1. The complaint will be discussed with the complainant to clarify events and expectations.
      a. Where possible any immediate identified rectifications will be made
   2. Confirmation of matters to be investigated (where not resolved) will be sent in writing to the complainant.
   3. The CEO, with the support of individuals above and other appointed team members will review the complaint and form an opinion.
      a. All complaints will be responded to within 14 working days, or sooner.
         i. Where complaints are of a serious nature the time frame will be shortened.
         ii. Where an opinion can not be formed within 14 days this will be advised to the complainant in writing, with a new timeframe provided.
      b. All opinions and outcomes will be provided to the complainant in writing.
  4. In the event the complaint has not been adequately resolved, the complainant has the right to request a second review.
      a. Secondary reviews will be completed by committee, which will be appointed at the time of request. The committee shall be made up of suitably qualified professionals.
      b. In the event that the complaint continues to not be adequately resolved the patient can escalate the issue to the ACCC, or TGA, Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (in WA) or AHPRA, Healthcare Complaints Commission or the Medical Council of NSW (in NSW) or Office of Health Ombudsman (in QLD), Health Complaints Commissioner (in Vic) depending on the nature of the complaint.

Record Keeping
All complaints received will be added to the patients file with a record of any investigations and relating correspondence.

Correspondence will include date stamps where possible.

Records will be maintained in line with regulations on patient file retention.


All complaints are investigated with the aim to satisfy the complainant and to identify any opportunities for continuous improvement.

All recommendations identified during investigations will be implemented accordingly.

Any identified continuous improvement items, either through formal or informal processes, will be monitored to understand future opportunities.


Please complete the form attached providing as much detail as possible.

Email completed form to

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