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Treatment List Melbourne

If you are a new client to Aspire Training Clinics Melbourne, please book in for a dermal therapy consultation with our Dermal Therapists/Trainers

Please note that if you book a treatment with our Students, a consultation is already included with the appointment.

Appointments with our Students are done in a training environment where there may be other clients and students in the room at the same time. Student appointments are under the supervision of our trainers (with a 2 Student to 1 trainer ratio)

Appointments with our Trainers are done in a private one on one environment.


Treatment Price
Complimentary Dermal Therapy Consultation
allow 30 minutes
Extended Dermal Therapy Consultation
includes skin cleanse, analysis & product application
allow 60 minutes
IPL Consultation & Test Patch for Hair Reduction or Photo Rejuvenation
allow 30 mins
Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation
Your tattoo(s) will be assessed and you will be provided a treatment plan and costs. Tattoo removal costs start from $50
allow 30 mins
Cosmetic Medicine or Private Cosmetic Injectables consultation with Dr Stephen
allow 30 mins

Dermal Therapies

TreatmentTrainer PriceStudent Price
HydraFacial + LED$179N/A
Deluxe HydraFacial$209N/A
Skin Needling (Face)$249$99
Skin Needling (Face & Neck)$324$129
UltraSonophoresis (Infusion Facial)$59N/A
Ultraceuticals Brightening Accelerator Mask$125N/A
LED Facial$50N/A
LED add on$35$35

Clear + Brilliant Fractionated Laser

Treatment AreaTrainer PriceStudent Price
Full Face$249$159
Face & Neck$324$209
Neck or Decolletage$149N/A
Neck & Decolletage$269$198
Hands add on$49N/A

Chemical Peels

Treatment AreaTrainer PriceStudent Price
AHA Peel$59$29
Jessner or TCA Peel$149$59
Carbon Laser Peel$269$149
Ultraceuticals Lactic or Mandelic Peel Performance Plus$115N/A
Ultraceuticals Azyme Peel (Vitamin A)$165N/A

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Treatment AreaTrainer PriceStudent Price
Full Face$199$99
Half Face$99$59
Neck or Decolletage$99$59
Neck & Decolletage$199$99
Full Arms (inc hands)$159$89
Half Arms$119$69
Please note a test patch is required prior to IPL treatment.

IPL Hair Reduction

Treatment AreaTrainer PriceStudent Price
Underarms or Bikini$49$19
Underarms & Bikini$89$29
Underarms & Brazilian$106$39
Lip & Chin$49$19
Half Legs (Ankle to Knee)$199$50
Half Legs (Thighs)$20960
Please note a test patch is required prior to IPL treatment

Q Switch Laser Photo Rejuvenation

Treatment AreasTrainer Price
Full Face$249
Full Face & Neck$324
Half Face$149
Neck or Decolletage$149
Neck & Decolletage$269
Spot Treatmentfrom $50

Cosmetic Injectables

TreatmentTrainer PriceStudent Price
Wrinkle Relaxersfrom $12.50/unit$7/unit
Areas of treatment: glabellar, crows feet & forehead
Dermal Fillersfrom $500/mlLips from $250/ml
Cheeks from $300/ml
Fat Dissolving InjectionsPOAN/A


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