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Sunscreen, your best defence against ageing

Remember that time last summer… when you were laying under the sun, soaking up those gloriously warm rays? Tell me, did you apply your sunscreen and then reapply some hours later? I’m almost certain you didn’t do that last part, the reapplication part. Let’s take a moment to understand why this is so important to your skin health.


The sun may be 150 million kilometres away, but this power house of burning energy produces Ultra Violet Radiation in various wavelengths. Our ozone layer surrounding the earth filters out some but not all, and there are two types we need to be wary of, UVA and UVB.

I know you have heard of these before but in short, UVA rays penetrate more deeply into our skin thus contributing to aging (see what I did there?). Whereas UVB rays sit more superficially which impact the epidermis and enables skin reddening and burning. Both types of radiation create free radicals in our bodies and what these little critters accomplish is corrupting cellular structures, such as skin cells and collagen, so they don’t function at their optimum or worse, turn skin cells nasty (aka skin cancer).

Collagen in our skin is responsible for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This keeps your skin firm and bouncy therefore damage here results in sagging, wrinkly and leathery skin. UVA and UVB rays both cause premature aging, eye damage, skin cancers and damage to your immune system.

So, if you are concerned with aging or skin health, we seriously need to have a chat about daily SPF usage. By not using it, you are doing a disservice to your Dermal Therapist’s hard work in correcting those skin concerns.

The most common road block is clients don’t enjoy the feel of sunscreen on their face or the smell. I invite you to try out various brands and find the one you like because the best sunscreen you can be wearing… is the one you are wearing!

At Aspire Training Clinics we adore the Ultraceuticals Protective Daily Moisturisers. They are dual action, ensuring broad spectrum protection and efficiently moisturising. We are proud to stock the full range to suit any requirement weather it be the mattifying finish, hydrating finish or sheer tint.    

So, unless you want to commit to living underground, we suggest enjoying the sun sensibly. This means wearing sunscreen daily, donning a hat and sunglasses and seeking shade during those high index times. And finally, this leads me to say, this is your friendly reminder to book in for your annual skin check. It could save your life!

Aspire Training Clinics offer complimentary skin consultations. We also sell the full range of Ultraceuticals skin care. Click on the link below to book an appointment:


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