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Dermal Fillers



DERMAL Enhancement Treatments

We can provide consultations for treatments to restore volume, contour and minimise wrinkles for your facial features. 

Lip enhancement treatments can add height, volume, hydration, balance and symmetry to your lips and other facial features. Cheek enhancement treatments can add definition, volume, contour and lift to your cheeks. 

These treatments can enhance your facial features, creating a more youthful appearance with results lasting up to two years.

This treatment will be performed by a Doctor or Registered Nurse

How many treatments will I need?

You will see an immediate result following your treatment, the product will take up to 14 days to settle. 

Please follow the aftercare guidelines as provided by your Cosmetic Physician.

What should I do to maintain my results?

Top-up treatments are required every 5-9 months. In some cases, top-up treatments are only required after 18 months. This is dependent on the area treated and the product used. Each individual’s metabolism and how much product is used may also affect result longevity.

Is there a downtime?

This treatment is considered minimally invasive by patients and can be done in less than an hour, requiring no downtime. Some bruising may occur at the point of treatment. 




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